Fishery Resource and Environment Management Division

This division mandated to monitor the man-made changes in the riverine, reservoir, estuarine and wetland ecosystems and to evolve suitable amelioration measures. The studies under the Division include collection of basic information on habitat variables, assessment of its impact on biodiversity and fishery through known indicators, fish and prawn stress and disease diagnosis and control. Development of mitigating action plan for ecosystem restoration and also conducts research aimed at creating a database on the fish stocks and fishery resources. The division is geared up to develop various population models that can lead to scientific exploitation of inland fisheries resources. Mapping the various inland aquatic resources of the country by GIS is also the responsibility of the division.

Ongoing Projects

Project Code Project title Scientific Staff Technical staff
FREM/17- 20/11 Pollution benchmarking and monitoring of Rivers Godavari and Kathajori S. Samanta, S.K. Nag, M. Naskar, Sajina A.M., DeepaSudheesan, Vikas Kumar SanjoyBhowmick, KeyaSaha, S.K. Paul, SudarsanBandyopadhyay, Arijit Ghosh
FREM/17- 20/12 Emerging contaminants in rivers (Teesta, Torsa) and East Kolkata Wetland and their effect on selected biota S. K. Nag, Md. Aftabuddin, Soma Das Sarkar, KavitaKumari, Vikas Kumar, R.K. Raman, Raju Baitha KeyaSaha, Sudarshan Banerjee, Arijit Ghosh, S.K. Paul
FREM/17- 20/13 EIA and mitigation of Arsenicosis as a serious environmental challenge with special reference to fish and fishery resources B. P. Mohanty S. Samanta, S.K. Manna, S.K. Sahu, A.K. Bera, G. Chandra, P. Maurye, P.K. Parida, P. Majhi, Niti Sharma, P.R. Behera, A. Alam, R.K. Raman, Soma D Sarkar SanjoyBhowmick, KeyaSaha, SKS Hameed, L. R. Mahanar, S. K. Paul, SudarsanBandyopadhyay, Sk. Rabiul
FREM/17- 20/14 Fish health management and antimicrobial resistance in inland open waters B. K. Das, B.P. Mohanty, S.K. Manna, B.K. Behera, R.K. Manna, A. K.Bera, A.K. Sahoo, Raju Baitha, Vikas Kumar, Tanuja Abdulla, D.K. Meena, H.S. Swain, D. Das, DhrubaJyoti Sarkar, Hemanta Chowdhury SanjoyBhowmick, R.C. Mandi, SKS Hameed, SuchetaMajumder, SudarsanBandyopadhyay
FREM/17- 20/15 Application of statistical tools for assessing inland fishery resources M. Naskar, M. Karthikeyan, SK Sahu, D. Karunakaran, D.N. Jha, A.K. Yadav and R.K. Raman

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