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Office order related to "Five daya's working weeks at ICAR_CIFRI Barrackpore" F.No.Circular 354/2019-CAO/333 dated 24 Sept 2022 View
Office order related to the fixation of price of "CIFRI Circula Cage" ICAR-CIFRI/ITMU/Price Fixation Committee/ dated 14 September 2022 View
List of empanelled Hospitals Medical -25(1)/2019-Adm-II/1048 dated 17 August, 2022 View
Extension of Annual Rate Contract for supply of Chemicals/Glassware/ Plasticware /Filter Paper Membrane/ Sequencing-regarding. Rate Contract (Chemical-2020)-311 (1 )/2022-Stores dated 01 August, 2022 View
Circular regarding Tchnical Staff posting in external funded project    F.No.Circular 355(1)/2019-CAO/705 dated 29 June 2022 View
Circular regarding Celebration of International Yoga Day and subsequent yoga program    F.No.Circular 355 (1)/2019-CAO/573 dated 20 June 2022 View
Office order related to Duty Roaster of the staff F.No.AEBAS-154(2)/2021-Adm.I/2478 dated 10 January 2021 View
Office order related to the fixation of price of "CIFRI Pen HDPE" ICAR-CIFRI/ITMU/Price Fixation Committee/2225 dated 9 December 2021 View
Circular related to instrument and equipment reapair and maintinance Repair(Misc.Bkp) 304(1)/2020-Stores-Part(5)dated 3 November 2021 View
Office order related to Covid 19 guidelines Misc 359(1)/2019-CAO/1917 dated 28 October 2021 View
Circular related to approval for the uniform of entitled officers and staff members    Operatiobal (Misc.items II. BKP.) 305(18)/2020/ 1635 dated 18 September 2021 View
Office order related to Covid 19 guidelines Misc 359(1)/2019-CAO/1416 dated 21 August 2021 View
Circular : Attendence of contractual and regular staff Misc 359(1)/2019-CAO/1334 dated 9 August 2021 View
Circular: Attending onlime webinars, confrence, seminars etc. Circular 354(1)/2019-CAO/1314 dated 9 August 2021 View
Office Order related to Empanelment of offset printer Printing(BKP)-335(2)/2020 Store dated 9 August 2021 View
Office order related to Contigent Expenditure Misc.-359(1)/2019-CAO/1299 dated 7 August, 2021 View
Circular related to NPS options NPS-232(2)/2019-ADMII/1080 dated 12 July 2021 View
Office order related to National Fish Farmers Day Ciccular-355(1)/2019-CAO/549 dated 6 July 2021 View
Office order related to attendence of staff member Misc-359(1)/2019-CAO/520 dated 1 July 2021 View
Office order related to trainning details in ERP system Misc-13(1)/2019 Adm. III/509 dated 30 Jun 2021 View
Office order related to Duty Roster Misc-178(1) Adm I/ 412 dated 15 June 2021 View
Office order related to "Work from Home" Misc-178(1) Adm I/ dated 21 May 2021 View
Endorsement View
Annual health Check-Up View
Fixation of price of ICAR-CIFRI Cage grow feed developed by ICAR-CIFRI Barrackpore. ICAR-CIFRI/ITMU/Price Fixation Committee View
Higher Studies Higher Studies-145(3)/2019-Addm-I/2299 View
List of empanelled hospitals Medical -25(1)/2019-Adm-II/482 View
ICAR-CIFRI,Barrackpore empanelled some private Hospitals /Diagnostic centres where treatment will be provided as per CGHS rate on caseless basis ; ID Cards -167(1)/2019 Adm I. 975 View
LDC (DR) Exam-2016 for ICAR Institutes holding of skill (Typing) Test F.No.5(1)/2016-Exam-1 10thAUG, 2018 View
Circular (Chemicals Rate Contract) F.No.1/1/S/2018-2019/Chemicals Rate Contract/ 23rdJUNE, 2018 View
Annual Medical Examination F.No.1/1/CAOC-18/B 20thJUNE, 2018 View
Circular No.Swachh Bharat/Adm.I/2018/516 15thMAY, 2018 View
IJSC Meeting    No.2/93A-II/IJSC(ELECTION)/412 10thMAY, 2018 View
It has been decided with the approval of the Competent Authority that all staff working in Administrative wing and Director's Cell shall attend office on 29th and 30th March, 2018    No.52-E/Adm.II/6041 28thMAR, 2018 View
Limited Departmental Competitive Examination of lower Division Clerk (lDC) at ICAR-CIFRI, Barrackpore   30-E/Adm -II/LDC/5993 24thMAR, 2018 View
Circular   2/120/A-II/2000/3627 30thNOV, 2017 View
NPS Circular   1/1(2)/2009/A-III/NPS/ 16thNOV, 2017 View
Circular for medical bills   5/7/2011/Adm-III(med)/2016-17/ 1stNOV, 2017 View
GST circular 1/2/A-III (DDO)/2016, 18thOCT, 2017 View
Office Order SERB/NPDF/Adm-II/, 19th April, 2017 View
Circular Cashless Trans./Adm.II/16/5208, 22th December, 2016 View
Special Swachhta Pakhwara F . No. Swachh Bharat/Adm.II/669 Dated 12th May, 2016 View
Revision of pay scales of Institutes/National Research Centres/ Bureaux/Project Directorates of ICAR F. No. 1 (1)/09-Per.IV (I-3) Dated 16th August, 2013 View
2nd Capacity Building Programme for Technical Assistants being conducted by IIPA, New Delhi from 23.09.2013 to 04.10.2013 F. No. 7(38)/2012-WS Dated 27th Aug., 2013 View
Clarification on increase in certain allowances by further 25% as a result of enhancement of Dearness Allowances w.e.f. 1.1.2014 F.No. GAC-21-33/2008 - CDN dated 29.04.2014 View
Bilingual Covering Letter View