Preliminary survey of Irrigation canal in Sagar Island for fisheries development

Last Updated on 05.09.2017

Under the institutional project titled "Exploration of Canal resources of Punjab and Sundarban (West Bengal) for fisheries development", a team of scientists visited Sagar Island on 30th to 31stAugust 2017 and selected 'Vishalakshi canal' in Krishnanagar village, which is an irrigation canal feeding water to paddy and horticulture crops in the region. The canal was constructed in 1970 and is maintained by the villagers, canal's sluice gate is situated 150 m from Hooghly river and canal has a length of 1.5 km. Around 100 families depend on agriculture and 200 on fisheries (Hoogly estuary and in Bay of Bengal), while of these around 100 families depended on subsistence fishery on the canal. Rain water is the main source of fresh water in the canal. Traps of various sizes, cast net and seine net are mostly used in the canal to catch fish, which enter during high tide form estuary.

Interaction with villagers on the objectives of project

Interaction with villagers on the objectives of project

Canal view

Cast net operation