Scientist and tribal fisher interaction at Gardanmari, Burdwan under TSP

Last Updated on 13.09.2017

Under the guidance of Dr. B. K. Das, Director, ICAR-CIFRI, a team of CIFRI visited the TSP site, Adivasi dighi, Gardanmari, Burdwan on 12th September 2017. ICAR- CIFRI has conducted an interaction meeting at Gardanmari village situated at Bhatar Block, Burdwan, West Bengal. The village is a tribal dominated village, particularly Santhals. Approximately there are 650 tribal households concentrated in that village. A sample survey on socio-economic profile of the people of that village was done and it was found that about 45% of the population is illiterate. About 65% of the sampled populations are landless labourers. A wetland (Adivasi dighi) of around 10ha is the major fishery and water resource of that village. People are dependent on that wetland for their house hold activities. In 2014 a cooperative society named as Gardanmari Adibasi Dighi Unnayan Samiti was formed for developing fisheries in that wetland. A total of 337 households are contributing to the Society for the management of the wetland. They harvest fish from the wetland two times in a year in their major social functions, i.e. Poila Boishak and Posh Sankranti for consumption purpose. But, due to lack of scientific knowledge people are not getting desired result from this wetland. The average stocking in the wetland was 5Qt. in 2016 which resulted approximately 10Qt. harvest from the wetland. Problems identified from the interaction were mainly lack of awareness and training regarding scientific management of the wetland. CIFRI has provided fish feed to the Society for enhancing better production. There is a scope to develop the wetland in a profitable venture, so that livelihood of the tribal people may supported. This year the tribal fishers with their own contribution have stocked around 10,000 advanced fingerling in this wetland. The water quality parameters tested at the site and sediment samples were collected to analyze them at the ICAR-CIFRI laboratory. Dr. P. K. Parida, Scientist and Nodal Officer, TSP, Dr. Aparna Roy, Scientist and Mr. Subhendu Mandal were the team members of ICAR- CIFRI who had an interaction with the tribal fishers of Gardanmari.

Tribal fishers of the wetland

Water quality analysis

Plankton sample collection

Interaction meeting-2

Interaction meeting

Collection of socio-economic information