The powers and duties of its officers and employees


CIFRI is a Unit of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). Director of the institute shall exercise such powers for their functioning as are delegated by the Governing Body or any authority of the ICAR. Powers are delegated to the Director vide ICAR letter No. F.11(4)/75-Cdn (A&A) dated 1.4.1977 and modified vide order No. 6-2/90-Cdn (A&A) dated 4.2.1993, 28.5.1993 and 23.9.1994, OO No. 6-3/92-Cdn (A&A) dated 28.7.1992.

Heads of Divisions are delegated powers as per OO No. 6(1)/95-Cdn (A&A) dated 21.11.1995 and 21.5.1996.


  • To plan/organize the research programmes in the area of Inland open-water fisheries viz.rivers, reservoirs, lakes estuaries and associated waters
  • To develop ecosystem-based technology and strategies for productivity enhancement in open waters.
  • To monitor environmental changes, their impacts on fisheries and developing mitigation action plans in collaboration with other organizations.
  • To create awareness, provide training and consultancy in inland open-water fishery management.